NSSRA Retailer Compensation and Benefits Report 
    This report tracks how snow sports retail employees are compensated and what benefits they receive. Included are full- and part-time employees. Free to NSSRA members. Cost for non-members is $250.00.
Snow Sports Participation Report 
NSSRA has prepared a special snow sports participation study based on the annual Sports Participation Report, published by the National Sporting Goods Association. Free to NSSRA members. Cost for non-members is $250.00.

Sports Participation: Snow Sports provides calendar year data on total participation, frequency of participation, and average number of participation days. Single-time participation, which is not counted in the total, is included separately. Correlation tables relate each snow sports activity to every other activity in this survey. This allows you, for example, to look at the number of skiers who also snowboard and vice versa.

The three activities in this special report are: alpine skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding.

Demographic data on participants include gender, age, gender by age, household income and education of male and female head of household. The geographic analysis includes nine census regions and participation data by metro area size. Presence of children is also noted. 

To order this or any of NSSRA's research, please contact NSSRA President Larry Weindruch,

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